participate, lend your voice to help others

participate, lend your voice to help others

participate, lend your voice to help othersparticipate, lend your voice to help others


Your decision to become an OANY member reflects the importance you place on our mission to reach out to, and support individuals who have, or may require, intestinal or urinary diversions. It also secures your inclusion in the OANY community, allowing you to receive the assistance and resources you deserve and may require, as well as giving you the opportunity to be a source of inspiration and help to others. Our modest annual membership fee of $25.00, ensures that you will automatically receive all eight issues of our OANY newsletter. If you choose to receive communications by e-mail, you will also be notified of paid marketing research opportunities for ostomates. This membership fee also helps to offset OANY’s ongoing operating expenses (meeting expenses, newsletter, maintaining our website, etc.), and fees to the UOAA to maintain our affiliated support group status.

Please contact our treasurer via the 'Contact Us' section regarding membership questions or hardship relating to our membership fee.

Thank You

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